Why can’t Frodo control the Nazgul?

In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, there are many spectacular abilities that defy that of our mortal world. From being able to summon an army of griffin’s, living thousands of years and commanding dark armies to ravage beautiful lands. A lot of the powers are genetic and race-specific and a lot come from the rings of power. 

One rule to remember about The Lord of Rings “rules” of the rings of power is that the rings grant “power according to stature” of the wielder. So when the all-mighty Sauron has the ring, his power would be far more than that of a Hobbit. 

The Nazgul themselves are not interested in the ring, and only serve Sauron and retrieve the one ring to rule them all. Sauron is all-powerful and as a ring bearer would yield great powers and control.  

The books have very subtle ways to hint at the powers each Hobbit bearer gets and the way in which they use them. 

Gollum, whose turn to madness is much quicker than any other ring bearer is believed to have been the weakest in terms of power and stature and is so indebted and controlled by it, end’s his life as he and the ring fall to their doom.

Gollum is a great character reference and as he holds the ring for centuries and does so little with it aside from giving his mind to its power. The ring then corrupted his mind and made him devious and cunning. It also enhanced his ability to sneak around and be stealthy.

Frodo’s powers are clear to see for any avid fan of the books and films, but there are more claims of power hidden between the lines. At a point in the books, Frodo threatens Gollum “ I could put the ring on and order you to throw yourself off a cliff, and you would do it” and Gollum believes him, Life long fan’s assume this is true. 

Whilst Frodo’s powers were lesser than the dark lord Sauron, maybe a powerful character such as Aragorn, Gandalf, Elrond or Galadriel could have mastered the ring and controlled the Nazgul. Or maybe that’s the power of the ring, to corrupt us into thinking these characters are powerful enough to control the ring and use it to make a better middle earth. Thank goodness this is only a fantasy story!

With the Dark Lord being the most powerful and having the best control of the ring, it is he who commands the Nazgul, they serve him and being ex-lords and kinds with power rings of their given to them by Sauron, you would believe they were indebted to his cause and controlled by his power, just as the orc’s, Uruk-hai and armies of Mordor are.

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